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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (videogame)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is the title of a video game based on the film of the same name, but actually introducing a new storyline that takes place after the film.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is a human soldier who served in the Systems Alliance as a Gunnery Chief in the 2nd Frontier Division on Eden Prime, and was later assigned to Commander Shepard's squad after the geth attack on Eden Prime. She is a potential romance partner for a male Shepard..

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order plays like a safe, conventional adventure with great lightsabers

Fallen Order nails the feeling of dangerous lightsaber combat, but its adventure didn't fully grab me in a hands-on preview.

Some kind of Dying Light/Left 4 Dead 2 crossover appears to be coming

t's been longer than you think since Left 4 Dead 2 came out, and if you don't believe me, chew on this: Ten years have passed since Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis first blazed their way across the Infected wasteland. That's right, a full-on decade—you didn't see that coming, did you? I can barely believe it myself.


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EA halts all live esports events, including the first-ever Apex Legends Global Major

EA halts all live esports events, including the first-ever Apex Legends Global Major Apex Legends, FIFA, and Madden NFL live competitio...

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Nov 8, 2019

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts puts the stress back into sniping

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts puts the stress back into sniping

(Image credit: CI Games)
Most videogames don’t care, but it’s actually very hard to use a sniper rifle. Anyone who has played the Sniper Elite series, or its shabby sibling the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, will know there’s a fair bit of sitting around and (take a deep breath) mathematics involved. If you’ve ever sniped an enemy from afar in Borderlands or Destiny, you frankly don’t know shit about handling a sniper rifle. Even the Battlefield series, which has long embraced the truth that one’s reticule placement does not necessarily determine the bullet’s destination, doesn’t really prepare you for the pain that is actual sniping.
But Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, like its predecessors, wants to complicate things. I can’t vouch for how these games measure up to reality, for I have never fatally sniped an aggressor from a great distance. But for the benefit of anyone who has never played a Sniper Ghost Warrior game, or a Sniper Elite game, you won’t be quick scoping here.
Played on the right difficulty, these games are simulators rather than shooters. If they’re not strictly realistic, then they try their best to capture the tension of having to land a perfect shot the first time.

(Image credit: CI Games)
I played a bit of the latest Sniper Ghost Warrior recently. It’s CI Games’ "back to basics" installment after the reported disaster of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s open world outing (full disclosure: I never played it). There are five large sandboxes, each with five missions, and a lot of these missions require assassinating someone, though sometimes they require the retrieval of some object. It’s a stealth game at heart, you see. Except a stealth game with gloriously finicky sniper gunplay.
Some nefarious stuff is afoot in Siberia, and the hero must try to stop it. I couldn’t get a handle on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts’ story during my hands-on, but it seemed like the usual Cold War-era inspired stuff, just more technological (because it’s the future, now). There’s a small open world map, a handful of objectives which can be tackled in any order, but the order might affect the way you play. There are also mini-objectives that basically measure your effectiveness, and these encourage repeated playthroughs.

(Image credit: CI Games)
This is where Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts’ light immersive sim elements come into the picture, and I like them. For example: In one mission I’m instructed to murder Antastasia X Alikhanova. The problem is she has a body double, and if you happen to murder that body double first, the authentic Anastasia X Alikhanova will flee (and this is a serious sniping game, so good luck taking them out in quick succession unless you’re a genius). So when you encounter these two identical NPCs, you might have to guess which one ought to be shot. But if you happened to do another mission first, you’ll learn that Alikhanova’s body double smokes cigarettes.  
In order to demonstrate how open-ended the gameplay was, the person demoing the game for me found a very sneaky position from which to blow each up with a grenade. It’s possible to do things messily, but in this case you need a lot of courage (or trial and error), and of course you have to deal with the aftermath. The mission doesn’t end when the objective is completed: You need to get out, too. Still, it demonstrates that if you want to play the game as Grenade Foghorn Warrior, I suppose you can.

(Image credit: CI Games)
As a staunch believer in Sniper Elite 4 (it’s one of my favourite games of recent years), I enjoyed that Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is structured in much the same way, except it’s definitely less forgiving when it comes to handling the nominal sniper rifle. Even on the game’s easiest difficulty, bullet drop and wind trajectory must be taken into account, and while it seems laborious and tricky at first, there’s a formula at play. The real struggle comes in the usual stealth-oriented approach to infiltration: Marking enemies, figuring out who should go first (usually enemy snipers), and then moving forward according to best laid, quiet plans. If you happen to land a very good shot, you’ll get the slow-mo bullet cam gratification (though no gratuitous x-ray footage).
It wouldn’t be a modern game without an upgrade tree, and this is divided into three main categories: Scouting, utility and awareness. A couple of upgrades include the ability to see enemy vision cones, a sapper that whittles away the effectiveness of enemy turrets, as well as the usual boosts to health and stamina. There are gadgets too: Anti-tank mines, decoy traps, turrets, and drones for some Ubisoft-esque enemy marking. There are even weapons other than sniper rifles, everything from pistols to shotguns.
If you want things to get messy, you can make them messy. Good luck with that, though.
Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the brief time I spent with Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. The sniper nerd subgenre is a necessarily limited one, and overall this installment doesn’t really add anything groundbreaking to the formula. Nor will it likely boost sniper nerdery into mainstream adulation. But importantly, it feels tense. Tension is at the heart of a good stealth game, and this has it in spades.

Nov 5, 2019

Keanu Reeves doubled his presence in Cyberpunk 2077 because he enjoyed it so much

Keanu Reeves doubled his presence in Cyberpunk 2077 because he enjoyed it so much

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)
Johnny Silverhand, Keanu Reeves' character in Cyberpunk 2077, shows up a lot more than was originally planned thanks to the John Wick actor. Johnny actually lives inside protagonist V's head, on a chip, so he can turn up anywhere, but it turns out that Reeves pushed for him to have a larger role. 
At Lucca Comics and Games festival, Italian voice actor Luca Ward told journalist Gian Luca Rocco that his recording time had been doubled thanks to his Canadian counterpart. Reeves was apparently enjoying himself so much he talked CD Projekt Red into giving the virtual rock star a bigger presence. 
Reeves is not exactly starved for work these days, but the extra work might still be appreciated by the other voice actors playing Johnny Silverhand. In July, story director Marcin Blacha said that Reeves was also responsible for making the character more relatable and complex
CD Projekt Red wasn't aiming for a well-known celebrity, but Reeves connected with the character while also putting his own spin on it. "A good actor and Keanu is a great actor, will always infuse their character with a bit of their own special thing," Blacha said. 
By Fraser Brown From pcgamer.

Nov 2, 2019

See almost two hours of Overwatch 2 gameplay, PvP and PvE

See almost two hours of Overwatch 2 gameplay, PvP and PvE

Direct from BlizzCon.

One of several big announcements from BlizzCon 2019 so far is the reveal of Overwatch 2, which we've been told will apparently keep all of the original game's heroes, maps, modes and yes, even your skins, while adding PvE story missions, a new mode called Push, and some more heroes. BlizzCon attendees were told that Overwatch 2 would be playable right there at the show, and here's proof: Almost two hours of gameplay footage courtesy of YouTuber ohnickel.
There's been an engine upgrade, which means you'll see some improvements to character models and larger maps, but it's basically the same Overwatch fans love, expanded.
We'll have more info about Overwatch 2 tomorrow, when we get a closer look at it. Follow all our BlizzCon 2019 coverage here.

Nov 1, 2019

Borderlands 3 finally gets a new Shift code for 3 Golden Keys

Borderlands 3 finally gets a new Shift code for 3 Golden Keys

(Image credit: 2K Games)
Well, this isn't spooky at all. After weeks of trickling out occasional short-term Borderlands 3 Shift codes, Gearbox has finally given us something meatier for Halloween: a code that won't expire for four days, and includes three whole Golden Keys. What luxury!
This code will grant you three Golden Keys in BL3 if you enter it by Monday, November 4 at 11 am EST.
You can enter the code at the Shift website, or in-game. For more Golden Key codes, including a collection of some that never expire, and info on how to use them, check out our explainer at the link above.
By Wes Fenlon From pcgamer

Luigi’s Mansion™ 3

Luigi’s invited to the towering Last Resort hotel, but when Mario and friends go missing, our green-clad hero will have to conquer his fears to save them!

lam, blow away, and vacuum up ghosts with the all-new Poltergust G-00, and join forces with Gooigi to overcome the puzzling contraptions and mischievous boss on each themed floor. And that’s just the Last Resort. Enter the ScareScraper for 8-player local wireless* or online** co-op gameplay. 
See if you can defeat all the ghosts, rescue all the toads, or clear other objectives before time runs out…in the ScareScraper! And for more mini-game madness, compete on teams at the ScreamPark! Whether you play with friends or wander the hotel alone, you’ll be sucked in by the atmospheric music and ghoulish décor of every cobwebby corner you explore. Why not take in the cinematic sights and sounds with a friend? In the main adventure, you and a friend can play together as Luigi and Gooigi in two-player co-op! Gooigi can walk on spikes, slip through tight spaces, and help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t tackle alone. Never hurts to have a friend in this hotel; it may not be very spooky, but Luigi begs to differ!
  • Catch ghosts and solve puzzles to rescue Mario and friends in the Last Resort hotel
  • Each floor of this towering hotel is themed, from the décor to the puzzles to boss!
  • Utilize the functions of the all-new Poltergust G-00: Pummel ghosts with a Slam, break through defenses with the Suction Shot, and blow back groups with a Burst
  • Luigi can call upon and control Gooigi, his all-green doppelganger, who can do what Luigi can’t
  • Gooigi can slip through tight spaces, walk on spikes, and help Luigi overcome obstacles
  • Change between Luigi and Gooigi in single player, or let a friend play as Gooigi for 2-player co-op
  • Up to 8 players can work together to ascend the Scarescaper via local wireless* or online**
  • It’s Team Luigi vs. Team Gooigi in a mini-game battle to see which is the ultimate team of ghost hunters

Nintendo Switch

Release Date
Oct 31, 2019

No. of Players
up to 8 players

File Size
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Next Level Games

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Oct 31, 2019

The retro horror game Faith is coming to Steam with a brand-new chapter

The retro horror game Faith is coming to Steam with a brand-new chapter

Faith: The Unholy Trinity will tell a new tale of cults, demons, and horrific death.

The top-down retro-adventure Faith, we said back in March, is one of the best horror games to come along in recent years. You play as a priest, armed with only a crucifix, who must banish spirits from a haunted property—spirits who, it bears mentioning, will tear you into pieces if you're not careful. Faith Chapter 2 has a similar setup, with improved pixel art and "memorable sequences including the game's surprisingly violent death animations."
Both Faith and Faith Chapter 2 are available through, but for the third act developer, Airdorf Games is taking the show to Steam. Faith: The Unholy Trinity will include the previously released chapters of the game along with a brand-new third part: "Aided by a mysterious stranger, a young priest travels the dark countryside to stop a Satanic cult from summoning a horrifically powerful demon."
The trailer is extremely retro, but the rotoscoped animations are pleasingly disturbing and suggest that there's more going on here than a simple C64-style knockoff—which fits pretty well with our thoughts on the previous chapters. The Steam listing also promises a haunting retro soundtrack, multiple (and secret) endings, 1980s religious paranoia, and "demonic EVPs channeled through abandonware speech synthesizers." Airdorf said on Twitter that the Steam release will also feature DLC, Twitch integration, and "extras."
Faith: The Unholy Trinity is being published by New Blood Interactive, which has previously helped deliver the outstanding retro-shooters Dusk and Amid Evil, so that's encouraging too. A release date hasn't been set, but a demo of the third chapter is available through the Steam page.

Oct 30, 2019

Warcraft 3: Reforged multiplayer beta is now live (Updated)

Warcraft 3: Reforged multiplayer beta is now live (Updated)

Update: Apparently when Blizzard said the beta would begin "this week," it meant "today." Invitations are already going out, and people are playing it on Twitch if you haven't received one yet but would like to see what it's all about. Have fun!
Original story:
Warcraft 3: Reforged, the remastering of the great Blizzard RTS that was announced last year at BlizzCon, will begin multiplayer beta testing this week. Blizzard said that the test will kick off with 1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking for the orc and human races, with the undead, night elf races, and more game modes, coming "in the weeks ahead."
A specific start date hasn't been set but Blizzard said that initial waves of invites will go out to people who pre-purchase the $40 Spoils of War edition. Forking your money over early (before the end of the year, take note) will also get you four Warcraft 3: Reforged Skins—Champion of the Horde Thrall, Emerald Nightmare Cenarius, Fallen King Arthas, and Daughter of the Seas Proudmoore—and bonus content for other Blizzard games including the Meat Wagon mount for World of Warcraft, the Third War card back for Hearthstone, a new pet for Diablo 3, the Jaina, Thrall, Anub’arak, and Tyrande characters for Heroes of the Storm, and some Overwatch icons and sprays.
Blizzard said that subsequent rounds of invitations will be sent out to additional players, "such as those who have pre-purchased the standard edition of Warcraft 3: Reforged." To my reading that suggests pre-purchasing won't actually be necessary to gain access to the beta, eventually. Unfortunately for the curious but hesitant, there's currently go "go here and sign up" page, so at this point if you want a shot at the beta you'll have to kick in your cash up front. I've emailed Blizzard to ask if and when the doors will open to everyone, and will update if I receive a reply.
Warcraft 3: Reforged will include both the base game Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne expansion, and along with updates graphics will also feature extensive map modifications, re-recorded voice work, overhauled cutscenes, and will be multiplayer compatible with the original Warcraft 3. 
When last we checked, it was expected to be out sometime this year, but the beta was also supposed to start in early 2019 and we're now two days from November, so I think a 2020 launch might be a better bet.

By Andy Chalk From pcgamer