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Feb 16, 2020

Surreal exploration game Ramiwo releases this week

Surreal exploration game Ramiwo releases this week

(Image credit: Bill Deerbuch)
Are you prepared to, as the developers of Ramiwo ask, provide heavy stimulation to your frontal cortex? Grant your brain some sweetmeats? I am ready for this, as surrealist, psychedelic exploration game Ramiwo releases on February 19th. This seems like one for those who simply enjoy finding the niches, nooks, and vistas of digital environments. It’s a strange-looking game about exploring a cubic network of interlinked worlds, finding the portals between them, and mapping out their strangeness. It’s also about whatever is going on here:
What is going on there? I do not know and yet I am intrigued. There’s something about the oddly-washed textures and blocky forms in the screenshots, the sort of strange landscapes of jumbled forms and mish-mashed concepts, that appeals to the art-loving side of me. I am prepared to be thrilled and dismayed in equal measure. I am also surprised that the game is made in CryEngine which seems like a lot of horsepower to run such a simple thing. And yet.
Ramiwo releases on Steam February 19th.


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